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Access can not help, where is the problem?

Now, many urban communities are equipped with electronic access control systems, access cards are considered safe protection card. But the reporter found copy a access cards on the market now is very simple, one minute cloning is completed. Not only is access cards, residential parking cards also can be copied, then access cards who live in the end ban?

Copy access cards has become so simple, may be two reasons, one is because the access control technology content is low, it is easy to be copied, and the other is due to rapid technological advances that can quickly crack the access control technology.

Accurate, whether it is because of the low content access technology, or because technology is developing too fast, access becomes easy to be copied, in itself is not a problem, after all, it can be replicated in order to facilitate access of households, first, the the law is not forbidden, furthermore that it caters to the society itself is consumer demand.

This is one of the key issues is that if you become too casual copying access, at the same time bring convenience to the tenants, but also bring the risk of unpredictable, that is a threat to public safety.

Since it is a public safety issue involved, it must be from the perspective of public governance to treat access replication problem. Specifically, should the institutional level of the relevant aspects of the Code of Conduct.

Respect for the property, in addition to good management of the access card, but also should be provided access to copy as convenient as possible. In other words, provide tenants with access to copy services, property management should be a legal obligation, which from the outlet end access control, access control to prevent the risk of outflow.

For access control manufacturers, improve the technological content of public access should be to avoid the risk of a major force behind, and that in addition to the technical upgrading, in particular, need to innovate in the product specification, Forced manufacturers improve access technical content.

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