6 Advantages of QR Code Card. Why Is QR Code So Functional?
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6 Advantages of QR Code Cards. Why Is QR Code So Functional?

We gradually know that the use of QR code card is becoming more and more widespread, and many membership cards have QR codes added, which is popular, but also practical. QR codes record more data than barcodes.  They are portable data files with high density and high information content. Ideal for reading. And can record more complex data, such as pictures.

There are many benefits of QR codes in card production.

  • Large information capacity

From 250 to 1100 characters per square inch, depending on the scale. On the effective area of ​​the international standard card (equivalent to 2/3 of the credit card area, about 76mm*25mm), the QR code can accommodate 1848 alphabetic characters or 2729 numeric characters. It is dozens of times higher than the information capacity of ordinary barcodes.

  • A wide range of coding

QR codes can encode photos, fingerprints, palm prints, signatures, voices, texts and other digital information.

  • Nice confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting performance.

QR codes have multiple anti-counterfeiting characteristics. It can use password anti-counterfeiting, software encryption, and use the information contained in it such as fingerprints, photos, etc. for anti-counterfeiting, so it has strong confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting performance.

  • High decoding reliability

The decoding error rate of ordinary barcodes is about two millionths, while the error rate of two-dimensional code barcodes is not more than one millionth, and the decoding reliability is extremely high.

  • Strong ability to correct errors

QR codes adopt the most advanced mathematical error correction theory in the world. If the damaged area does not exceed 50%, the lost information of the barcodes due to contamination, damage, etc. can be deciphered as usual.

  • Easy to make and cost less

Using existing printing technologies such as laser, inkjet, and card making machines, QR codes can be printed on the surface of paper cards, PVC & plastic cards, and even metal cards. The added cost is only the cost of ink, so people also call QR code a “zero cost” technology.

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