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4 Advantages of Scratch Cards. A Nice Promotion Way

Although the information dissemination is very fast in the age of online media, there are still many industries facing the complex and volatile market. There is no unified command and propaganda. There will be situations where a lot of investment is not effective, so it is necessary to use scratch cards to promote.

Four advantages of scratch card promotion:

1. Low cost: The company and the enterprise are jointly sponsored by the enterprise to produce the fee or prize for the promotion of the scratch card. The enterprise uses the scratch card as the propaganda carrier, and the company uses the scratch card to distribute the user activities. Both parties can spend a relatively low cost, play a large advertising effect, and achieve win-win cooperation.

2. Wide range of dissemination: where there are consumers, there is publicity. Due to the nature of the scratch card itself, as long as a consumer is attracted by our scratch card, the people around him will inevitably be affected. The radiation effect is also not found in other marketing methods.

3. Easy to operate: the scratch card is easy to play, just scratch off the coating to know whether you have won or not, the operation is convenient, and it will not take up too much time for customers

4. Safe and reliable: The production of scratch cards, from setting rewards to printing, is operated by professionals, and anti-counterfeiting technology can be added during the printing process, and QR code anti-counterfeiting, barcode anti-counterfeiting, and other anti-counterfeiting technologies can be added according to the needs of the event. , this is something other paper propaganda can’t doP

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