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Ten PVC Card Tips

1,Card design source file format requirements
File formats require: .cdr \ .eps \ .ai \ .psd, etc.
2,Card source file color mode
Need CMYK mode. If you use RGB color mode will cause color, please note.
3,Design card picture clarity?
Photos need to ensure that three million pixels or more, the text is best vector.
4,Bronzing font size and line weight?
To ensure that no paste version bronzing word
English fonts need to be transferred to the 9th words or more,
Text the word guarantee in the 12th over.
If LOGO or spent spinning bronzing need to ensure that the line thickness of 0.3mm or more.
5,Smallest word can be printed on the card?
The 4th word
6,Barcode card barcode size and attention?
Barcode holding length and width of 5cm, 3cm. Please make sure the bar code printed on white, in order to ensure normal use.
7,To punch card design position?
It should be away from the card edge about 3mm, if too easily broken, bad if too far drawstring.
8,Card printing font size?
6 words.
9,Large convex convex front of the card number and the small convex?
Convex mold number is out of the direct hit, the font can not be changed.
10,Coding font card is how much?
The 7th and the 11th fonts.

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