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Scratch cards printing production requirements

Scratch cards is also called the password of coated card, account card or charge to an account password card.Scratch cards of the main categories are cryptic phone, draw type, proof type, split type classification, stickers, package, etc.
So what’s the requirement for scratch cards printing?
1) scraping sex: appropriate scratch cards due to the scratch coating has its important information or awards, so the coating scraping performance are the important of the quality of scratch cards, shall ensure that scratching off more easily, but it can’t be too easy to open, too easily scratched, makes the scratch cards in the production and circulation are easy to be wear off scratch layer, which affects its use;
2) good printing quality, scratch cards printed correctly, elegant, print quality is also a part of its show the image of the product, printing should conform to the requirements of the quality of printed matter;
3) the correctness of the content: the content of the scratch cards must be complete and accurate, and clear.If it is a scratch card, awards information should be specified, expiry date, time, and course effectiveness, etc.
4) anti-fake measures strength: scratch cards in the design and manufacture, should fully consider the security performance, should ensure that the security measures can effectively prevent others to batch forged within a certain amount of time.