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PVC Card types

The type of PVC card with a magnetic stripe, called a magnetic stripe card (such as bank CARDS) and chip called a chip card (id card, for example, monthly bus pass), of course, the so-called article barcode card, (such as all kinds of the scorecard, point card, IP card).

PVC printing card is a small user base material for the most part, is also the key is to make small batch card material, its basic principle is that vinyl chloride polymer coated printing layer (high glossy photo paper – back in basic principle is similar to the plastic), it has the ink color reproduction and the computer screen, fast drying, waterproof, and other functions, make prints glossy photo paper than the consistent degree of good.Large manufacturers in the production of dry, dust-free environment often print.Have used silk screen coating the small factory.

High quality white PVC card printing materials, uniform coating, white surface, the printing image, high resolution, good color reducibility, and laminated film has good response.

Some low quality PVC white card printing materials, uneven coating, granularity, it is not easy to printing ink, color reproducibility is poor, and even print image has a negative stain phenomenon, and the use of the printing ink has a certain relationship. The Select purchased a larger plastic manufacturers, quality is stable, no matter big players, said the little companies said to try.

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