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PVC card body material & printing standards

1: PVC card body material
Card material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyvinyl chloride fatty acid PVCA
Positive and negative (in print design and description of the surface) of the cladding or EUC for the transparent PVC film.
In fact, refers to the manufacture of PVC card card card-based material is PVC material.

2: PVC cards printing standards:
(1) card body front printed pattern specified by the user or commissioned the design of the Company;
(2) fonts, a clear pattern;
(3) anti-glare and anti-card body red laser penetration.
(4) opposite the card body including text description, serial number, expiration date, card number, passwords, etc.. Specific content according to user needs.
(5) print clarity, accuracy, positive and negative range of printing, can not have two or more than 2 to 0.2 mm length of the dust spots, dots with dirty air bubbles and other anomalies point.
(6) print content without breaking pen, no glitches;

3: PVC material card Size
Length :85.48-85 .72 mm.
Width :53.92-54 .02 mm.
Thickness: 0.76 mm greater than or less than 0.02 mm.
Base radius: 3.18 ± 0.3 mm.

4: PVC Card Specifications
Material Name: PVC Card
Description: This product is used for laminated PVC card manufacturing process type, you can print images directly, and with film thermal lamination, simplified fabrication process, save time, high bonding strength.
Technical Features: Suitable for all inkjet printers (such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark) and so on.
Technical parameters: Appearance: white, smooth surface clean, no obvious mechanical impurity and uneven material.
Thickness: 0.3mm
Lamination temperature: 95 ℃ ~ 140 ℃
Storage conditions: light pack disposal, room temperature, the stacking height of less than one meter.
Shelf life: three years
Specification: 210x297mm
Packing: 100 sheets / pack

5: PVC Card Application:
Transparent card, matte card, dumb face cards, badges, school cards
Telecom cards, membership cards, VIP cards, discount cards
Magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, scratch cards, passwords, card
Medicare cards, loyalty cards, game cards, telecommunication cards
Calendar cards, payment cards, Gold, Silver
Employee card, student card, conference card, exhibition card
Tag cards, portrait cards, ID key ring, parking cards
Contact non-contact IC card, ID card, M1 card

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