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Often undersleep how much harm to the body

Many people are now putting off going to bed until after 11pm, with TV shows, video game and micro-blogging all cited as reasons for staying up late.And some people have to stay up late because they are busy at work and socialize a lot, which causes a series of health problems.


Why sleep?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. If a person lives to be 78 years old, then 26 years of that are spent sleeping. Why do we need so much sleep? This is because the human body in learning and working activities, the loss of brain function will be far more than its recovery speed, performance for fatigue, yawning, work ability decline.

The scientist discovered a secret after careful study. There’s an amazing way to improve your memory, lose weight, avoid cancer and dementia, and keep your mind even. Are you interested? It’s either medication or sleep!

Sleep deprivation is a criminal law. It hurts more than not eating

The study found that after 19 hours without sleep, people’s mental and physical states are the same as when they are drunk.

So the unmarked method used by many national police forces is to deny prisoners sleep.

Prisoners who do not sleep for more than 40 hours are basically allowed to sign whatever they want, not freedom but sleep.

lose one’s hair

He often goes to bed at twelve o ‘clock late. Lack of sleep, first of all, will lead to the impact of the body’s self-healing function, but also lead to mental retardation, mental stress. In fact, the most intuitive, or hair loss.

When you lack sleep for a long time, mental stress, human body trichomes will contract, scalp upright, autonomic or central nervous function will occur disorders. Local microfossil of hair cyst hair tit of scalp can be intense and lasting systole, cause local blood to circulate obstacle thereby, bring about scalp zoology state to produce change to restrain hair to grow a function directly, begin tribalism.

Stay up late still can cause scalp skin fat to secrete mussily, so you often can feel the hair is very oily in late night, skin fat jams pore, bring about a hair directly not only fine soft much oil, still changed scalp hair to grow an environment, cause lose one’s hair continuously.


Sleeping less than five hours at night reduces the number of cancer-fighting immune NK cells in the body by 70%!

NK cells are also known as natural killer cells.

The best doctors in the world are our own immune cells, and an important part of that immune cell, the NK cells.Everyone has about 10,000 mutant cells in their bodies, but they don’t form tumors because NK cells guard the body’s health.

When the mice with the tumors were compared, the undersleep mice had tumors that grew many times faster.The world health organization has identified sleep deprivation as a carcinogen.

Decline in immunity

Because undersleep, cerebral cell did not get sufficient rest, appear likely dazed, the phenomenon that the attention is not centered happens, still can appear even have a headache.Often stay up late is easy to lead to excessive fatigue of the body, immunity decline, endocrine disorders, lead to body aches, limbs weakness, appetite loss, attention is difficult to concentrate, poor memory of various fatigue syndrome.And use an eye for long, eye itself overload works, easy bring about an eye dry acerbity, tumefaction, ache, inspect fatigue aggravates, cause eyesight to drop.High myopia and staying up late are more likely to lead to eye fatigue, greater damage to the eyes, and easy to cause retinal detachment.

So instead of putting off sleep, put off what you’re doing.Nothing is more important than health.


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