Magnetic stripe cards used issue
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Magnetic stripe cards used issue

Magnetic stripe cards is the use of magnetic media recording some information that identifies identity cards or other purposes. Magnetic stripe card is easy to use, cheap, uses extremely broad, and can be used to make credit cards, bank cards, subway cards, bus cards, tickets, phone cards, game cards, tickets, air tickets and a variety of fare cards. Magnetic stripe cards used by many external magnetic field interference factors:

1,Contacts with address books, notebooks with magnetic seal.

2,Phone case on the magnetic clasp, magnetic objects such as car keys.

3,With mobile phones and other electromagnetic radiation-producing equipment are put together for a long time.

4,With television sets, tape recorders and other appliances too close with strong magnetic fields.

5,When used in supermarkets, and degaussing equipment for supermarket burglar too close contact.

6,A magnetic stripe card when put together, two card’s magnetic strip touch each other.

These factors will bring disturbance to the magnetic stripe card. In addition, magnetic stripe card, folded, bump, long time exposure, temperature, magnetic stripe to scratch the soiled also makes magnetic stripe cards cannot be used normally. Meanwhile, credit card transactions on the credit card process, head cleaning, aging, interrupted during data transfers, system error, the cashier may result in improper operation magnetic stripe cards cannot be used.

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