magnetic stripe card production technology
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Knowledge of magnetic stripe card production technology

We use a magnetic stripe card is a relatively wide range of cards, magnetic stripe cards from high-strength, high-temperature plastic or plastic coated paper, to moisture, abrasion and a certain flexibility, easy to carry, use more stable and reliable. Magnetic stripe card side is printed with instructions prompted information, such as card direction; the other side there magnetosphere, or magnetic stripe, with 2-3 tracks to record information data.

Because of reasonable price and easy to use, in our country has been a rapid development. In the early bank of credit will be able to launch the first magnetic stripe card, it has released about a few million.

With a magnetic stripe card recognition technology to simplify data entry application, first from the financial industry, the bank deposits of cash in computerized business management soon after the emergence of debit card, ATM’s emergence as the user has been widely used. Especially in the European and American countries, with most cards are magnetic stripe cards.

Magnetic stripe card technology can store large amounts of information in a small area. A separate magnetic stripe cards can store a few details. Unlike other methods of information storage, information on the magnetic stripe card can be rewritten or changed.

With the development of new magnetic stripe card technology, poor safety performance of magnetic stripe cards have gradually been replaced by the trend, under current conditions, there are still a large number of magnetic stripe card production facilities in the community, together with the magnetic stripe card production mature technology and low cost, magnetic stripe card production technology is still applied in many fields.

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