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How To Care For Your Blank White PVC Cards

Did you realize that looking after your blank white cards could save you money, time and a headache?Yes, It can! Most people don’t know how important it is to care for your blank white cards and always keep them clean but it can make all the difference when considering produce the best quality cards every time you print.
Dust and debris on your cards can cause havoc on your ID card printer , not to point out result in a poorly printed card. If there is dirt or a small piece of trash on the card before you run it by using the printer it will destruction the print head and other elements within the printer.
To keep your cards clean and free of dust, we often recommend keeping them in the sleeve they came in until when you are ready to use them. If you are not using all of them at the moment, store the rest of the cards in a clean, air-tight and water-tight container until you are ready to use them. Deal with them carefully, holding the card by the edges and be careful not to touch the surface more than necessary when loading them into the printer or hopper. If you drop one, throw it out. Do not try to wipe it off and use it because any dust you have on your hands or whatever you use to wipe it off with will transfer to the inside of your printer and can damage the print head. Always keep your cards in a temperature controlled area and avoid extreme heat or cold.
Keeping in mind these simple tips can help to keep your printer running like new and print cards with optimal quality every time you use your printer.
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