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Chuangxinjia new gift card

Hello, everyone

Today i will introduce you Chuangxinjia new pvc card, gift card.
Gift cards, also known as prepaid card, multi-purpose card and single purpose card, multi-purpose card (or gm) can be understood as can use a variety of industries, such as department stores, supermarkets, electrical appliances, food and clothing live line various merchants; Single use card, in shopping malls or shopping in the supermarket to buy cards.

Choose prepaid card, analyze their needs and the needs of the target. If you care to buy discount, choose single purpose card (now the city’s major shopping malls and supermarkets have); If is sensitive to the price, the more the feeling of the target, choose multi-purpose card.

The follwoing are some new design style gift card, Wish you will like it, or you could design bu yourself, we could do any card what you want. OEM and ODM is ok.

The custom gift cards are designed in a standard credit card size. Perfectly fit into your pocket with your credit cards. All ourcustom gift cards are designed to work with most POS systems. custom gift cards are proven to instantly increase your sales. Custom gift cards attract new clients’ eyes but also could track your member status. Custom gift cards could promote integral gift exchange and other customer management functions.

Custom gift cards with your branding
Magnetic stripe for membership information
Vividly color printed

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