IC card magnetic card
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Bank card: the difference between IC card magnetic card

How it works

Explain the difference between IC card magnetic card from working principle

Magnetic stripe card is a piece of PVC card coated with a layer of magnetic particle material.People input information into magnetic cards by using recording head to express certain information, which is then stored in magnetic tracks.It is also read by the aid of a record bin.In fact, magnetic cards work like tape recorders work like magnetic tape.

The iC card is a piece of PVC card that contains intelligent chip.Smart chips can store data and can encrypt it.Its working principle is to send a group of electromagnetic waves to the IC card through the external equipment.The card contains a LC coordinator circuit with the same frequency as the transmitted frequency.In this way, under the excitation of electromagnetic waves, the LC resonant circuit generates resonance.When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as a power source to provide operating voltage for other circuits, and the data in the card can be transmitted or received by the reader.

Their different roles

The difference between IC card magnetic card is more in the role that differs with them.

Magnetic stripe cards have been widely used with bank cards.The magnetic stripe card usually has a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. When we use the bank card to spend money, we use the recording head of the card reader to read the magnetic stripe card and then re-magnetize the magnetic stripe.

Usually the most common IC card is the bus with the bus card, passengers do not need to put the bus IC card out of the bag, you can buy a ticket.

Their strengths and weaknesses

The advantage of magnetic strip card is convenient reading and writing data and low cost.The disadvantage of magnetic card is easy to wear, easy to be other magnetic interference, poor security.(Our blocking card can completely solve this shortcoming, click here.)

Compared with magnetic cards, the information of IC cards is stored in the chip, so that it is not easy to be disturbed and damaged, and its service life is longer.At the same time the chip information capacity is also much higher than the magnetic card, in the storage of personal data is more advantageous.But its drawback also is very apparent, the cost is higher, additional, after relative magnetic card is damaged or missing, fill do not easily.(high-quality PVC Card of CXJ Card Factory can solve this problem)

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Smart luggage tags
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Smart luggage tags: will completely end luggage loss

CXJ Card Factory produces smart cards and PVC cards.Now we can put them together as a traceable smart luggage tags that will put an end to lost luggage once and for all.

luggage loss worries

If you’re a travel expert, you probably won’t be checking bags forever.But most people can’t do that, like you can’t make a woman realize the importance of minimalism anyway.

While most of the luggage was eventually found after it was lost, some did not officially go missing until 30 days later.But if you think you’re going to get compensation from the airline right away.Here’s more bad news for you:The department of transportation says refunds can take one to three months, and the maximum amount you can pay for lost luggage is $3,400.

The international air transport association estimates that between now and 2036, the number of air passengers will increase from the current 4 billion to nearly 8 billion.Airports around the world handle more than 4.5 billion packages a year, and that number is set to double in the future.Many airlines have improved their luggage handling capabilities.Alitalia, for example, increased luggage handling time by 13% at Rome’s Fiumicino airport.SITA confirmed that aeroflot now has a real-time location for all the luggage in its system.

Smart luggage tags will protect your luggage

When we look at the use cases for smart luggage, the ability to locate where your bag is is most important.Each bag will be tracked at check-in, loaded onto the plane, transferred, and then arrived.Tracking luggage at these four points and sharing this data among all stakeholders allows airports and airlines to locate each package.It also helps identify luggage that could be mishandled and interfered with to ensure that luggage is properly delivered.

When the smart luggage tag is paired with our mobile APP, passengers will be notified when the luggage arrives at the claim area.

This prevents overcrowding at luggage claim.

CXJ Card Factory

PVC luggage tag can be chip, product details please click.CXJ Card Factory has the most powerful business team, the professional technology factory.We can assure you that every shipment is of the best quality.Provide you with the best smart luggage tags, contact us immediately!

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What does a soul mate look like?

Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you’ve been in before – you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers: You could find your way around in the dark if you had to.


——- Jandy Nelson

About soul mates

When I was young and foolish, I thought my soul mate was the one who used to spoil me.

When I first fell in love, I thought it would be my soul mate to take me forward.

But now I just want to love someone like a piece of paper.Learn to respect, equality, understanding, understanding.

I thought it was a simple request, but it was harder than I had thought.


Because love is requited. It’s equal, it’s reciprocal.

But it is hard for those on the other side of the seesaw to maintain equality.

There are always so many involuntarily and helpless.


Simply put, a soul mate is two people united but different.Can find new things from each other, there is fusion and collision. Together when we can progress together.There is always quality time between two people.Is each other’s fertile soil, each other root can grow quickly.Someone who can understand what I’m saying and who can make me understand what he’s saying.


Catherine of withering heights says, I love him so, not because he is handsome, but because he is more like myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are exactly the same.


If all you want to say is “we can be together” why don’t you say “we’re good together”?


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About RFID blocking card

What is the RFID Blocking card?

The blocking card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on high frequency (13.56mhz) smart cards such as credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, passports, membership cards and so on.The blocking card needs no battery. It draws energy from the scanner to power up and instantly creates an E-Field, a surround electronic field making all 13.56mhz cards invisible to the scanner. Once the scanner is out of range the blocking card de-powers. Simply carry this blocking card in your wallet and money clip and all 13.56mhz cards within range of its E-Field will be protected.


How it works?

RFID Blocking Card is composed of a mixture of metals that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals. There are outside and inside coating that is not rigid, so the card is very flexible.RFID Blocking Card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.


Keep Your Data Safe

With RFID Blocking Card innovative aluminum-lined interior, you can be sure that your card numbers and other critical personal information is safe from nearby Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners.


a perfect PVC membership
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Design a perfect membership card

Want to design a perfect membership card needs to pay attention to what?

A perfect membership card is the image of your company, at the same time a perfect PVC membership card will attract more new customers and retain your old customers, it can improve customer loyalty to the enterprise. and a good VIP card is more convenient for you to spread the company’s brand !

Make your mind the perfect membership card, need to pay attention to the following points, please read carefully.

Code: It could be a flat code, spray code, small convex yards, convex codes. Convex code size can be hot or gilt silver. Note that convex code cannot be vertical row, non-standard card can not play convex code, matte (frosted card) can only play spray code, can not play the flat code, can not play bar code.

Card thickness: if not specified, the standard thickness of the printed VIP card is (0.76mm).

The VIP card will print out a slightly different color effect than the one shown on the computer monitor. Even if you see the same design on different monitors, the effect will be different. For example, it will be different from liquid crystal display (LCD) and ordinary display (CRT).

Words, symbols and patterns should be turned into curves.

Due to the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed product and the computer display or print out the color manuscript will have a certain color difference. Printing is based on the CMYK color book for color. Computer screen color and printer printing color cannot be used as printing color.

Shading or background color setting should not be less than 8% to avoid printing without rendering the finished product.

Non-standard card need to open mold. The construction period is long and needs to pay extra mold fee. Non-standard card cannot play a flat code, can not play a bar code, can not play convex code, can only play spray code.

Convex code cannot be played vertically (that is. Convex code cannot be parallel to the short side of the card, but only to the long side).

Matt (frosted), laser, with transparent materials, packaging bags and other additional charges. Special instructions should be given when placing an order.

PVC membership card design size is 88.5mm 57mm(including bleeding point), finished product size is 85.5mm 54mm.

The format of the file is CORLDRAW9.0 or PHOTOSHOP.

Make your perfect membership card!Contact us immediately.

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PVC card surface technology

The standard specification of PVC card is: 85.5 54 0.76mm(length width thickness), there is the difference between laminating and non-laminating. Ordinary PVC card surface technology is simple, four-color machine printing, thermal bonding, punching.PVC magnetic stripe card, IC card intelligent chip card and other processes are relatively complex, such as: add signature bar, embossment no. hot stamping, hot silver, laser, magnetic strip, bar code, lithography code no.During the use of equipment is more.The following introduces several generic types of PVC card surface technology.

In terms of color

Screen printing PVC card

Screen printed PVC card is the most common printing method, the traditional process, the operation is more complex.but the equipment investment is less, the application range is the most widely, in the PVC card occupies a large proportion.Screen printing business card printing is commonly used to make gold and silver cards. only suitable for mass production of simple content of various types of CARDS and printing card back signature bar.such as simple text and graphics, cannot print high-quality color patterns.

Color offset printing PVC card

Color printing PVC card is one of the most widely used PVC cards. such as all kinds of phone cards, bank cards, IC cards, etc.It is mass production in general.using a dedicated PVC card four-color printing press or imported four-color printing machine to print on a single layer of PVC card material.then laminating, punching card, writing magnetic, braille and other processes. the early printing equipment investment is very large.And the process is complicated, requiring large printing presses.Suitable for large quantity of cards, low cost.However, it is not possible to print a color portrait card. It is impossible to print personal information such as unique photos and names on the card.So the scope of use is restricted.It is generally printed by four-color printing machine and UV offset printing ink, with bright color.good definition and high quality, suitable for mass printing.


In terms of portraits and fonts

Hot stamping silver PVC card

Hot stamping silver card is the use of special hot stamping machine will be the text and graphics hot stamping on the surface of a PVC card. forming a very shiny metal PVC card, generally used to make the VIP card, loyalty card, VIP membership card.

Color photo PVC card

There are two ways to make color photo PVC cards. One is to use a heat transfer card printer to directly print on the surface of a blank card, which costs more.There are two ways to make color photo PVC CARDS. One is to use a heat transfer card printer to directly print on the surface of a blank card, which costs more.The other is the use of color inkjet or laser printer.the content will be printed to the dedicated PVC card, and then laminate method, through hot pressing, punching, punching card to produce finished products.Color photo PVC card can be used for, chest card, business card, medical card, work card, membership card, discount card, student card, etc.


The above is the introduction of part of PVC card surface technology, if you want to know our products, please click

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What’s the difference CPU card,IC card,ID card?

Their definition

As for the difference CPU card, IC card,ID card, let’s understand their definition first.

In a broad sense, IC=integrated circuit= integrated circuit card

Want card to have integrated circuit only (chip), can calculate IC card actually. ID card also calculates.

However, we often hope that the chip in the card cannot only record an ID number, we also hope that the chip can store information, do some encryption and decryption calculation or even logical operation.

At this point, we can narrowly define the former is an ID card, the latter is an IC card. Among them only hardware encryption and decryption ability, we call it the logical encryption card, have the logical operation ability, we call it the CPU card.

That definition out of the way, let’s move on to the physical structure

In addition to the substrate and chip, the main is the antenna. According to the interface points, cards can be divided into three types, here we assume that is a single chip card

  1. Contact type (no antenna)
  2. Non-contact (with antenna)
  3. Compound type (with antenna)

Summarize the difference CPU card, IC card,ID card from two aspects

Antenna: ID card work at the frequency of 125KHz, and the inductance value of the antenna is about hundreds of micro-hz. In terms of structure, there are many coils in the antenna, usually dozens of coils. IC card and CPU card antenna are the same, are working at 13.56MHz, the antenna inductance value is a few micro Henry, generally 2-8 coils.

Chip: ID card is basically just a memory, the chip is the simplest. IC card chip is the circuit that much encrypted attestation. The CPU card is the same as a small system, including a COS system.

smart card
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Something about smart cards

Early days of smart cards

In the early stage of the development of smart cards, the application of cards is still unique among some labor-intensive enterprises. Some primary enterprises do not use smart cards due to their cost. The real popularity of smart cards began in the 21st century.Nowadays, the wide application of campus all-in-one card is due to the convenience of smart card and its feature of “recharge first and then use”, which gradually wins the favor of campus administrators.

All-purpose card

Campus one-card is an important part of “digital campus”. It should have functions of comprehensive consumption, identification, financial service and public information service.In order, to meet the needs of campuses, enterprises and other places where the population is relatively concentrated, its application is conducive to the centralized management of managers and the improvement of service level.With the deepening of campus digitization and information construction, the integration of various information resources on campus has entered the stage of comprehensive planning and implementation.The campus all-in-one card realizes the integration and sharing of data management through the common identity authentication mechanism by combining the school’s ongoing construction of a unified identity authentication, personnel, student worker MIS and application system.

Besides the campus id, urban public traffic card, highway ETC, enterprise one cartoon, cartoon, bank property hospital medical id card, ETC., these products we are doing, smart card through the card will have one or more of the same attribute group or the consumption of the industry, service, payment of centralized management of a business model.

Campuses, communities, hospitals, and enterprises all belong to a consumer group that gathers different types or needs in a relatively concentrated spatial position.Urban public transportation. ETC is consumer groups gathered according to application types.

The core business model of smart card is to bind customers, gather services and consume in advance

In the later stage of development, smart cards will replace bank cards and credit cards to some extent, which is more than just a convenience card. With the wide


luggage label
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In addition to the luggage label, other essential items for flying

Small items can make a big difference when flying.The luggage label is one of them. What else is there?Read on

On the plane


A must-have item for long-haul flights and high-speed trains. Sleep more comfortably, especially if you’re economy class.Nap pillows can also be used to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

 Foam Ear Plugs

When someone’s baby is crying, someone is snoring and you can’t sleep, you need these noise-cancelling earplugs to help you block out noise and sleep.

 Eye mask

Wear an eye mask to protect your eyes from light and help you sleep better.

An empty cup

It’s very dry on the plane and you need to rehydrate often, but water doesn’t get through security.It is recommended that you bring your own empty water glass. Please remember to go to the water dispenser to fill it after you pass the security check.In this way, not only can the plane at any time to drink water, drink can also ask the flight attendant to refill water, will not waste the paper cup on the plane, very environmental protection.

A thin coat or scarf

Blankets are not usually available for short flights. Some airline blankets are available for an extra fee.The female takes a shawl to also be right choice, still can be when thin be covered, be afraid of cold must not forget.


Off the plane

Passport protection cover

Flying requires a lot of certificate and you need to organize it centrally.Prepare a passport protective cover, in also need not hurry-scurry seek certificate.

Luggage lock

It is very important to have a strong and reliable luggage lock when traveling abroad.It is recommended to buy TSA certified luggage locks. Without TSA customs lock, the customs can’t use the universal TSA customs lock to open the luggage, and then the luggage will be forced to open its own lock by the customs inspector.

Luggage label

Luggage label play a big role in travel.Fashionable appearance and bright color, suitable for any luggage, and when the same as other people’s luggage, it is easy to distinguish their own luggage and other people’s luggage, personal information can be filled in the card, even if the luggage is lost is also convenient to contact the owner.

customizable luggage tags

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Often undersleep how much harm to the body

Many people are now putting off going to bed until after 11pm, with TV shows, video game and micro-blogging all cited as reasons for staying up late.And some people have to stay up late because they are busy at work and socialize a lot, which causes a series of health problems.


Why sleep?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. If a person lives to be 78 years old, then 26 years of that are spent sleeping. Why do we need so much sleep? This is because the human body in learning and working activities, the loss of brain function will be far more than its recovery speed, performance for fatigue, yawning, work ability decline.

The scientist discovered a secret after careful study. There’s an amazing way to improve your memory, lose weight, avoid cancer and dementia, and keep your mind even. Are you interested? It’s either medication or sleep!

Sleep deprivation is a criminal law. It hurts more than not eating

The study found that after 19 hours without sleep, people’s mental and physical states are the same as when they are drunk.

So the unmarked method used by many national police forces is to deny prisoners sleep.

Prisoners who do not sleep for more than 40 hours are basically allowed to sign whatever they want, not freedom but sleep.

lose one’s hair

He often goes to bed at twelve o ‘clock late. Lack of sleep, first of all, will lead to the impact of the body’s self-healing function, but also lead to mental retardation, mental stress. In fact, the most intuitive, or hair loss.

When you lack sleep for a long time, mental stress, human body trichomes will contract, scalp upright, autonomic or central nervous function will occur disorders. Local microfossil of hair cyst hair tit of scalp can be intense and lasting systole, cause local blood to circulate obstacle thereby, bring about scalp zoology state to produce change to restrain hair to grow a function directly, begin tribalism.

Stay up late still can cause scalp skin fat to secrete mussily, so you often can feel the hair is very oily in late night, skin fat jams pore, bring about a hair directly not only fine soft much oil, still changed scalp hair to grow an environment, cause lose one’s hair continuously.


Sleeping less than five hours at night reduces the number of cancer-fighting immune NK cells in the body by 70%!

NK cells are also known as natural killer cells.

The best doctors in the world are our own immune cells, and an important part of that immune cell, the NK cells.Everyone has about 10,000 mutant cells in their bodies, but they don’t form tumors because NK cells guard the body’s health.

When the mice with the tumors were compared, the undersleep mice had tumors that grew many times faster.The world health organization has identified sleep deprivation as a carcinogen.

Decline in immunity

Because undersleep, cerebral cell did not get sufficient rest, appear likely dazed, the phenomenon that the attention is not centered happens, still can appear even have a headache.Often stay up late is easy to lead to excessive fatigue of the body, immunity decline, endocrine disorders, lead to body aches, limbs weakness, appetite loss, attention is difficult to concentrate, poor memory of various fatigue syndrome.And use an eye for long, eye itself overload works, easy bring about an eye dry acerbity, tumefaction, ache, inspect fatigue aggravates, cause eyesight to drop.High myopia and staying up late are more likely to lead to eye fatigue, greater damage to the eyes, and easy to cause retinal detachment.

So instead of putting off sleep, put off what you’re doing.Nothing is more important than health.


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