old business cards
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Use of a lot of old business cards

I don’t know if you have encountered any of these problems. You have a lot of old business cards left from your previous companies. How do you deal with them?It’s also inconvenient to throw away, and I don’t know how to destroy it.Below I give you some advice, hope to use.



A plastic business card can be used as a bookmark. Not only is it convenient, but even if the book is lost, the person who finds it can contact you through the card.


Do manual storage box, using the old business cards handmade storage box, are all their own name, and the color is different, very cool there is no.

A storage box made of business cards 

Buy a large framed picture and fill it with your business CARDS. Your business card may have a transparent one, a black one, or a plain white one. A very artistic painting of a business card with gilt lettering and glitter.


It can serve as a message card. When you are not at home, put a small envelope on the door and put some business CARDS inside. People who come to you can get your contact information.



When taking portraits with a portable flash in the field, photographers use business cards as little reflectors, and white Smooth card soften the flash.


old business cards can be used as a small shovel to pick up dust and small sundries in the corners of the room. Very practical.


Business cards can be a great way to organize your keyboard. Put double-sided adhesive tape on the front and back of the three-layer PVC printed business card edge. Insert the double-sided adhesive tapes edge into the keyboard to clean it up. The thickness of the card is completely acceptable. There is no need to worry about the fracture.


Collect old business cards, can summarize their own career development curve, recall their own career, step by step their growth.


old business cards

Use business cards as bookmarks

old business cards

A storage box made of business cards

conspicuous luggage tag
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Some ways to look cool take a plane

Before boarding the plane

When going to the airport, the suitcase must not be dragged, to be pushed side by side with yourself, the other hand playing with the phone whether you are constantly open screen lock screen. And you’re going to walk briskly with a straight face and a straight face, and act like I’m the emperor. I don’t know why, but everyone else does. And the heart can be excited but do not look flustered.


When going through security, put the suitcase on the machine belt, and then put all the things in the pocket into the basket, no matter what the security officer has questions about, just say “Throw it away!”


When waiting for the plane, take out a book whether you are reading or not, don’t leave the book with your eyes, and turn a page in three minutes. Or open your laptop, whether you’re playing minesweeper or spider, you have to be tapping. And every now and then close your eyes and wonder if you should sign up for a project worth tens of billions of dollars.

Boarding time

Don’t look at the stewardess on the plane, passing by the counter to pick up a newspaper, you don’t need to see clearly took what newspaper, anyway, you have to make you must grasp the national policy of the world situation. Then, without a word, you walk into the cabin and find a seat, pretending that you know everything about the plane.


On the plane, find a seat immediately sits down and fastens the seat belt, and then put on the headset back of the chair with fingers crossed on the lower abdomen closed eyes, remember not to look around do not look left and right! The whole journey certainly can’t see stewardess, I also don’t know why, anyway don’t see!


When the plane takes off, do not look out of the window, no matter how curious you are, do not look out of the window, don’t take pictures, at this time you should be impatient to look at the direction of the aisle, and took out the phone to look at it, indicating that you have experienced countless times to take off, everything is under your control.


When sending meal in stewardess, grab before stewardess open the mouth, “trouble 100 years old mountain adds two pieces of mint, add 0.5 grams of iodized salt again, shake 3 times clockwise, wait for 3 minutes. The staple food wants beef hamburger, beef eight mature, thanks!” Then you continue to close your eyes.

When you get off the plane

Take your time, rub your eyes with your hands, stretch, whether you’re asleep or not. Wait for the person on the airplane to walk almost, again get up, past stewardess time wave one hand, don’t care stewardess have to see, don’t need to leave behind a cloud only need to stay handsome!


When you take your luggage, you just need to play with your mobile phone in a distant place and wait. When you see your conspicuous luggage tag, you can take it off gracefully and leave the airport with a handsome back


 conspicuous luggage tag

Yes, that’s right, the conspicuous luggage tag. Yes, this is an advertisement, and the above content is all funny please do not take it seriously. Our key word is the conspicuous luggage tag. I’m sorry that we are here to sell luggage tags, but I’m not going to write more information about luggage tags here. Please take a hyperlink to our product page, and feel free to contact us if you need. Bye.


remove pressure
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Remove pressure and move forward with ease

Pressure is very big  how to do? How does Remove pressure?

How to remove pressure, want to understand the source of pressure first

Now let me make an assumption

Imagine a person running 10,000 meters on a dark, empty island.

He did not know how long steps he had run, or how long he would run.

Every time you run 50 meters, 100 meters, 1,000 meters, no one knows exactly where you’ve run and how many meters you have left.

No progress bar, no feedback, no communication, no company, just like this, he kept running, running, running, running to a goal that will never be achieved…

How does it feel?


Imagine a person running on a sunny track

10000 meters, there are scales on the track, he has the referee, there is a family, there are good friends to accompany him.

Every time he finishes 50 meters, the referee will tell him: “you have run 50 meters, you are a little bit closer to the target.

Every time he ran 100 meters, his family and friends was told to him: “you have run 100 meters, very good ah, we have seen your efforts, come on!

He knew better, and his step hardened. Keep running, keep running, another 200 meters, another 300…

So for every distance you run, you get feedback; get feedback every distance you run. How does that feel?


In fact, these two people do the same thing, are running 10,000 meters, but their psychological feelings are completely different.
This is where the pressure comes from.
When you set out with a very big goal and don’t get a single positive response after a long, long effort, stress becomes a dark cloud that clouds over your mind and overwhelms your will.

Put down the pressure

It’s not the goal itself that traps you. It’s your imagination of the fear.

The brain loves to amplify fear. Don’t let your brain fool you.Therefore to Remove pressure  the most fundamental, is to seize a few points:

  • Break a big target into smaller ones.
  • Create positive feedback for yourself, and get one for every step you take, so you’ll be tempted to stick with it.
  • Change the unitary evaluation system
  • It is not right to do
  • Think carefully about the purpose of putting so much pressure on yourself and what you really want.
  • Be patient with yourself, see yourself as you are, and learn to accept your imperfections.

The room of the soul, does not clean will fall full of dust. Dusty heart, will become gray and confused. We just have to experience a lot of things every day, happy and unhappy, are settled in the heart. The thing in the heart is much, can become disorderly and disorderly, then, the heart also follows disorderly rise. Some painful emotions and unpleasant memories, if filled with the heart, it will enable the public depressed. So, sweeping dust, can make the heart to become bright; clear things, to bid farewell to upset; throw away some meaningless pain. Happiness has more and more space.

Put down the pressure

If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll never get anywhere. Try to Remove pressure and move forward with ease.

cheap luggage tag
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You should choose the best, cheap luggage tag

Jack’s troubles

Jack lost sleep again tonight. The perfect full-color luggage tag came back to his brain. He is very interested in buying a batch of these luggage tags.He chose to search the Internet again for what he imagined being the perfect luggage tag.But still, it’s so expensive.


“What? A piece of plastic is so expensive.”Jack shouted again

heap luggage tag


Jack closes the browser, but the perfect luggage tag comes to mind. Sleep in regret and restlessness.

The next day before jack woke up, a knock on the door woke him up. It was Paul


“Jack, goes play ball. Everybody’s waiting for you.”

“No, no, no, Paul, I have to look for my imaginary luggage tag again today.”

“Gee, isn’t there a lot of stuff online?”

“That’s too expensive, Paul. I need a cheap luggage tag.”

“Oh shit, you’re a fool. Why didn’t you tell them earlier?”

“What?Have you any idea?”

“I know a cheap luggage tag, 500 full-color luggage tags that cost about $35, which is not only cheap, but also super good quality.”

“What?So cool”

“Yes, that’s the Chinese supplier.”

“Cool!China is so cool, quick, share it with me!”

“Ok, the supplier named CXJcardfactory has been sent to your mobile phone.Let’s go play ball.”

“No, go ahead, I’ll contact them now, thanks, bye.”


Paul :All right, bye

cut-off rule

We provide you with cheap luggage tag. Not only cheap, in the work is not careless, in the printing, we have offset printing, screen printing, to ensure that customers require every color. In the production of materials, we have transparent materials. PVC materials, environmental materials, black materials, white materials, etc., to ensure the satisfaction of each customer. You should choose the best luggage label that will make your eyes shine. Learn more about luggage tags.

About us

ShenZhen CXJCardFactory. is a professional production and sales of PVC CARDS and smart CARDS enterprises.We have a strict quality control system and obtain CE certification, enjoy a high reputation in the industry, we can guarantee to provide you with high quality products.If you have such demand, please feel free to contact us.


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Someone who loves you maybe right beside you

Someone who loves you are actually traceable

You should also understand that love is not built by these things, it must be mixed with some necessary conditions, you can feel from the heart, is also his every move can not help but show.

Take the initiative to share your life with you

If a boy can talk a lot about you every day, happy or unhappy to meet you are willing to share with you, it shows that he has you as an essential part of life, and always put you in his heart, he is willing to be honest with you, he is willing to say some nonsense to you.

He may tell you that “today’s steamed stuffed bun is delicious”, or he may tell you that “today’s customers are difficult to deal with”, even if these words are meaningless.But in the eyes of someone who loves you, the simplest communication with you is happy.

Accept your flaws

someone who loves you

From forrest gump

Each of us is not perfect, you have a bright and gentle side, there will be 1800 kinds of small faults waiting for him to find. If he is determined to stay with you even after he finds you lazy, anxious and gloomy, it means he is ready to go with you. It takes courage to choose someone who accepts your flaws and won’t be pushed back by your little quirks. Someone who loves you.

He will not abandon your body is not good, will not complain about your bad temper, will not be entangled in your lack of understanding.Because in his eyes, you these small faults, small shortcomings are excusable.

I will spend time with you

Many people spend money on you, but not everyone has their own time for you.

Someone who loves you, will make adjustments between work and life, know what is more important. No matter how busy he is, once he loves someone, he will try his best to use some of his spare time to contact you, send you a WeChat or make a phone call to you, accompany you to a movie or eat with you after work, and be more willing to spend time cooking a meal for you.

Someone who loves you will Be there when you need to be

When you are sick, he is sure to come and take care of you.

If you are unhappy, he won’t let you sulk alone.

If you get a promotion or raise, he will be sure to celebrate for you and be genuinely happy for you.

No matter what happens to you, good or bad, he will not abandon you in disregard, but can always appear at your side, give you a support, let you feel carefree without fear.

The future has you, and is willing to work for you

someone who loves you

From big fish

Many people promise to give you a future, but not everyone is willing to work for it. If a man is willing to give his all in order to give you a home in this era when everyone likes to shoot off, there is no doubt that he loves you very much.

Because everyone can say nice things, but not everyone can match words with deeds.

He will be very motivated, improve their own shortcomings, and you together to become a better person, in order to fight for a better future.And you also feel unprecedented sense of security in his body, the feeling is like everyone will betray you, but he will hold your hand, with you against all the unknown.

someone who loves you

From big fish

But just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

At the beginning, when I was with my boyfriend, I often felt that he did not like me at all and didn’t like me at all. Maybe he wanted to fall in love, but I happened to be suitable for him.

He won’t accompany me to fetch water. He won’t tell me whether he is pleased or not. He won’t stick with me every day.

But he will put my cold hand in his pocket, will accompany me to approach two hours he can finish 11 minutes of three kilometers, will accompany me to see the movie he does not like, will urge me not to stay up late every day to go to bed early, will let me study hard or beat me, will think I am very annoying but will not let go of my hand…(this paragraph is from a netizen on zhihu)

So, how can you say he doesn’t love you? In fact, we need to feel the heart, a someone who loves you, is anything cannot resist. I am sure that you can feel it.

About us

Shenzhen CXJCardFactory.Is a professional production and sales of PVC CARDS and smart CARDS enterprises.We have a strict quality control system and obtain CE certification, enjoy a high reputation in the industry, we can guarantee to provide you with high quality products.If you have such demand, please feel free to contact us.

Don't wait any longer
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Luggage: dad, can you hurry up? Airline luggage tags: don’ t worry

Airline Luggage Tags Prevent Your Luggage From Being Lost

How do the people get home this year? I chose to take a plane because I could not get a ticket to the high-speed rail. But the most annoying thing about flying is to check the luggage before departure and the luggage claim after arrival. Because there is too much luggage. But how do you find your luggage in all kinds of suitcases? Airline luggage tags play a big role.

So what’s on the label? In order to enable hurried passengers to find their luggage quickly and accurately, the general label will allow passengers to fill in:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Telephone

These tags are not only for the convenience of passengers to find their luggage but also to avoid taking the wrong luggage or losing it.

airline luggage tags


Not long ago, Ms.Chen, who works in an accounting firm was placed on a business trip. When she took a Sichuan airline plane from Beijing airport to Chengdu Shuangliu airport. Upon arrival, one of the checked bag was found missing. Coincidentally a week later, when the manager of her department came to Chengdu to meet her, the manager’s luggage was also lost in the consignment.

A woman took flight CZ3121 from Haikou to Beijing, only to find her checked luggage was missing. And the baggage inquiry office of domestic of Air China told her that her baggage has been founded after the thing lies between half a month. But the baggage of 15 kilograms leaves 1 kilogram only, the clothing inside the parcel, food disappears completely.

The airline admitted that due to the luggage transport checked luggage labels of passengers have not been seriously implemented. Resulting in passengers mistakenly pick up and lost luggage incidents occurred from time to time.

This shows the importance of airline luggage tags.


Our common airline luggage tags is usually square

square air baggage label

square air baggage label

Custom personalized tags

Custom personalized tags

You can also customize luggage labels or patterns to suit your needs

Custom pattern tags

Custom pattern tags

For more details, please contact us: info@cxjcardfactory.com

CXJCardFactory remind you: The limitation of liability for loss, damage, destruction or delay of luggage is established by the Montreal convention. The maximum amount per passenger is 1,000 SDRS, unless the passenger, when delivering checked baggage to the airline, specifically declares an interest in delivery at the destination and pays a surcharge if necessary.
For the domestic flight segment that constitutes international transportation, baggage compensation shall be handled in accordance with the applicable provisions on baggage compensation for international transportation. This applies even if the domestic and

PVC card FAQ
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What’s the minimum order?
We can print as few as 100 PVC cards.
What type of printing process is used?
All products are printed byHeidelberg printing machines in full color. The full color process is an industry standard whose results can be seen at any news or magazine stand. The end result is high quality printing which can make your images happen.
What types of artworks are accepted?
We accept the following files.
Please contact us for details before uploading unlisted file type.Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf, before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or include the fonts you used in the artwrok)
Adobe Illustrator Artwork(*.ai, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Adobe Photoshop Image (*.psd, fonts must be included)
Adobe Indesign (*.indd, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Corel Draw! (*.cdr, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Macromedia Fireworks (*.png, fonts must be included)
Macromedia Freehand (Please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Microsoft Publisher (*.pub,fonts must be included for designs typeset in Publisher)
Microsoft Word (*.doc, fonts must be included)
Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt, fonts must be included)
Quark Express (*.qxd, fonts must be included for designs typeset in Quark Express)
Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
GIF Image (*.gif)
PNG Image (*.png)
JPEG Image (*.jpg,*.jpeg)

What kind of plastic cards do we do?
We do all major plastic card types:
Plastic cards
1. Gift cards
2. VIP Cards
3. Hotel Key Cards
4. Promotional Cards
5. Business Cards
6. Clear / Frosted Cards
7. Membership Cards
8. Fundraising Cards
9. IC cards
Contact Cards (CPU cards, Security memory cards, Memory cards)
Contactless cards (CPU cards, Security memory cards)
What resolution does my artwork need to be for uploading?
The turnaround time can be seen on the top of the pricing table. Normally turnaround time is 10-14 working days.
What methods of payment do you accept?
CXJ accepts the major cards on our secure site: Paypal, T/T, Westunion and so on.
Can you produce artwork for me?
Yes we can, we offer a full range of design and artwork services. Give us the details of what you want and we will be happy to quote.Click here to quote.
How to compress my artworks?
1.5mm bleed on each border.When is the turnaround time start to calculate?
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Factory price scratch paper card

Paper card is a kind of new, environmentally friendly paper cards, is has a tendency to gradually replace PVC material card, it is much used in fast moving consumer goods and cultural entertainment industry, such as games, audio-visual, etc. Its cost is the bottom, make the advantages of easy to use for the social from all walks of life widely accepted. Imports of coated paper, paper card can take are 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams, 450 grams of various thickness. It has such advantages as low cost, strong confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving. Paper card use double-sided coated paper, printing gloss, at 95%, is, on the back of the card body with light oil or laminating process protection surface graphic printing.


  • Paper card is a newborn, environmentally friendly paper cards, the trend is gradually replace PVC material card, which is more used in fast moving consumer goods and entertainment industries, such as gaming, audio and so on.
  • The advantages of cost lower and simple production for the community to accept and use.
  • Paper cards can be imported coated paper, 250 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g, 450 g of various thickness and so on.
  • Which has a low cost, confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Paper card using double-sided coated paper, print gloss up to 95%, the card body positive, on the back with varnish or coating process to protect the printing surface graphic.
  • The scratch paper card of our company have years of  production, design and service, give you more professional experience.

Here we will offer some papar card style for you reference, if you are interested in paper card, please let us know, we will do our best to seriveice you.

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Scratch cards printing production requirements

Scratch cards is also called the password of coated card, account card or charge to an account password card.Scratch cards of the main categories are cryptic phone, draw type, proof type, split type classification, stickers, package, etc.
So what’s the requirement for scratch cards printing?
1) scraping sex: appropriate scratch cards due to the scratch coating has its important information or awards, so the coating scraping performance are the important of the quality of scratch cards, shall ensure that scratching off more easily, but it can’t be too easy to open, too easily scratched, makes the scratch cards in the production and circulation are easy to be wear off scratch layer, which affects its use;
2) good printing quality, scratch cards printed correctly, elegant, print quality is also a part of its show the image of the product, printing should conform to the requirements of the quality of printed matter;
3) the correctness of the content: the content of the scratch cards must be complete and accurate, and clear.If it is a scratch card, awards information should be specified, expiry date, time, and course effectiveness, etc.
4) anti-fake measures strength: scratch cards in the design and manufacture, should fully consider the security performance, should ensure that the security measures can effectively prevent others to batch forged within a certain amount of time.

DisneyPlastic Key Tag
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Disneyland Smart card solution

Financial IC card first appeared in 1985 in France. Around 1995, IC card get more widespread application in the financial sector, mainly electronic wallet and other small payments at that time, except in a few countries have to partial success, in most parts of the developing condition. Electronic wallets, refers to the commonly used in e-commerce shopping activities a payment tool, suitable for small shopping. Stored in the electronic wallet electronic money, such as electronic cash, electronic change, electronic card, etc.

Here is Hong Kong Disneyland smart card solution, for example:

Fast pass

Provides a quick pass service amusement facilities including a buzz lightyear ride, space mountain and winnie the pooh adventure trip. Fast pass can shorten tourists liner waiting more popular rides. Inside of amusement facilities provide fast pass service, you only need to insert the admission tickets quickly pass ticket printing machine, then remove them quickly pass. Immediately after made rapid visa card, you can continue to enjoy the other facilities and services inside the park, and then returned to indicate the time to enjoy the ride.

Disneyland adopted intelligent ashbin

Intelligent ashbin adopts advanced microcomputer control chip, infrared sensor detection device, mechanical transmission parts, is the collection machine photoelectric in the integration of high-tech new products, when the person’s hands or objects close to the dog-house (at window) about 25 cm – 35 cm, trash can cover will automatically open, stay waste into 3 or 4 seconds after the lid will automatically shut down, people, things do not need to contact with bin, completely solve the traditional trash to the infection of health risk to the user, can effectively prevent various infectious disease spread through the garbage and prevent garbage smell overflow from the barrel.

“Trash”, as an essential part of human life’s necessities, it accompanied human beings through every time. Especially in today’s home supplies, hotel supplies market is essential. With the general improvement in people environmental protection consciousness and aesthetic standard, the amount and type of trash can constantly renovated and is also increasing, people pay more attention to its beautiful and practical, and products to develop in the direction of “small” and “intelligent”. “WeiBang” intelligent ashbin since listing, as consumers, because of market demand is big, small investment, has been the favour of small and medium-sized investors.

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