PVC card FAQ
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What’s the minimum order?
We can print as few as 100 PVC cards.
What type of printing process is used?
All products are printed byHeidelberg printing machines in full color. The full color process is an industry standard whose results can be seen at any news or magazine stand. The end result is high quality printing which can make your images happen.
What types of artworks are accepted?
We accept the following files.
Please contact us for details before uploading unlisted file type.Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf, before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or include the fonts you used in the artwrok)
Adobe Illustrator Artwork(*.ai, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Adobe Photoshop Image (*.psd, fonts must be included)
Adobe Indesign (*.indd, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Corel Draw! (*.cdr, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Macromedia Fireworks (*.png, fonts must be included)
Macromedia Freehand (Please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Microsoft Publisher (*.pub,fonts must be included for designs typeset in Publisher)
Microsoft Word (*.doc, fonts must be included)
Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt, fonts must be included)
Quark Express (*.qxd, fonts must be included for designs typeset in Quark Express)
Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
GIF Image (*.gif)
PNG Image (*.png)
JPEG Image (*.jpg,*.jpeg)

What kind of plastic cards do we do?
We do all major plastic card types:
Plastic cards
1. Gift cards
2. VIP Cards
3. Hotel Key Cards
4. Promotional Cards
5. Business Cards
6. Clear / Frosted Cards
7. Membership Cards
8. Fundraising Cards
9. IC cards
Contact Cards (CPU cards, Security memory cards, Memory cards)
Contactless cards (CPU cards, Security memory cards)
What resolution does my artwork need to be for uploading?
The turnaround time can be seen on the top of the pricing table. Normally turnaround time is 10-14 working days.
What methods of payment do you accept?
CXJ accepts the major cards on our secure site: Paypal, T/T, Westunion and so on.
Can you produce artwork for me?
Yes we can, we offer a full range of design and artwork services. Give us the details of what you want and we will be happy to quote.Click here to quote.
How to compress my artworks?
1.5mm bleed on each border.When is the turnaround time start to calculate?
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Factory price scratch paper card

Paper card is a kind of new, environmentally friendly paper cards, is has a tendency to gradually replace PVC material card, it is much used in fast moving consumer goods and cultural entertainment industry, such as games, audio-visual, etc. Its cost is the bottom, make the advantages of easy to use for the social from all walks of life widely accepted. Imports of coated paper, paper card can take are 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams, 450 grams of various thickness. It has such advantages as low cost, strong confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving. Paper card use double-sided coated paper, printing gloss, at 95%, is, on the back of the card body with light oil or laminating process protection surface graphic printing.


  • Paper card is a newborn, environmentally friendly paper cards, the trend is gradually replace PVC material card, which is more used in fast moving consumer goods and entertainment industries, such as gaming, audio and so on.
  • The advantages of cost lower and simple production for the community to accept and use.
  • Paper cards can be imported coated paper, 250 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g, 450 g of various thickness and so on.
  • Which has a low cost, confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Paper card using double-sided coated paper, print gloss up to 95%, the card body positive, on the back with varnish or coating process to protect the printing surface graphic.
  • The scratch paper card of our company have years of  production, design and service, give you more professional experience.

Here we will offer some papar card style for you reference, if you are interested in paper card, please let us know, we will do our best to seriveice you.

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Scratch cards printing production requirements

Scratch cards is also called the password of coated card, account card or charge to an account password card.Scratch cards of the main categories are cryptic phone, draw type, proof type, split type classification, stickers, package, etc.
So what’s the requirement for scratch cards printing?
1) scraping sex: appropriate scratch cards due to the scratch coating has its important information or awards, so the coating scraping performance are the important of the quality of scratch cards, shall ensure that scratching off more easily, but it can’t be too easy to open, too easily scratched, makes the scratch cards in the production and circulation are easy to be wear off scratch layer, which affects its use;
2) good printing quality, scratch cards printed correctly, elegant, print quality is also a part of its show the image of the product, printing should conform to the requirements of the quality of printed matter;
3) the correctness of the content: the content of the scratch cards must be complete and accurate, and clear.If it is a scratch card, awards information should be specified, expiry date, time, and course effectiveness, etc.
4) anti-fake measures strength: scratch cards in the design and manufacture, should fully consider the security performance, should ensure that the security measures can effectively prevent others to batch forged within a certain amount of time.

DisneyPlastic Key Tag
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Disneyland Smart card solution

Financial IC card first appeared in 1985 in France. Around 1995, IC card get more widespread application in the financial sector, mainly electronic wallet and other small payments at that time, except in a few countries have to partial success, in most parts of the developing condition. Electronic wallets, refers to the commonly used in e-commerce shopping activities a payment tool, suitable for small shopping. Stored in the electronic wallet electronic money, such as electronic cash, electronic change, electronic card, etc.

Here is Hong Kong Disneyland smart card solution, for example:

Fast pass

Provides a quick pass service amusement facilities including a buzz lightyear ride, space mountain and winnie the pooh adventure trip. Fast pass can shorten tourists liner waiting more popular rides. Inside of amusement facilities provide fast pass service, you only need to insert the admission tickets quickly pass ticket printing machine, then remove them quickly pass. Immediately after made rapid visa card, you can continue to enjoy the other facilities and services inside the park, and then returned to indicate the time to enjoy the ride.

Disneyland adopted intelligent ashbin

Intelligent ashbin adopts advanced microcomputer control chip, infrared sensor detection device, mechanical transmission parts, is the collection machine photoelectric in the integration of high-tech new products, when the person’s hands or objects close to the dog-house (at window) about 25 cm – 35 cm, trash can cover will automatically open, stay waste into 3 or 4 seconds after the lid will automatically shut down, people, things do not need to contact with bin, completely solve the traditional trash to the infection of health risk to the user, can effectively prevent various infectious disease spread through the garbage and prevent garbage smell overflow from the barrel.

“Trash”, as an essential part of human life’s necessities, it accompanied human beings through every time. Especially in today’s home supplies, hotel supplies market is essential. With the general improvement in people environmental protection consciousness and aesthetic standard, the amount and type of trash can constantly renovated and is also increasing, people pay more attention to its beautiful and practical, and products to develop in the direction of “small” and “intelligent”. “WeiBang” intelligent ashbin since listing, as consumers, because of market demand is big, small investment, has been the favour of small and medium-sized investors.

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Chuangxinjia new gift card

Hello, everyone

Today i will introduce you Chuangxinjia new pvc card, gift card.
Gift cards, also known as prepaid card, multi-purpose card and single purpose card, multi-purpose card (or gm) can be understood as can use a variety of industries, such as department stores, supermarkets, electrical appliances, food and clothing live line various merchants; Single use card, in shopping malls or shopping in the supermarket to buy cards.

Choose prepaid card, analyze their needs and the needs of the target. If you care to buy discount, choose single purpose card (now the city’s major shopping malls and supermarkets have); If is sensitive to the price, the more the feeling of the target, choose multi-purpose card.

The follwoing are some new design style gift card, Wish you will like it, or you could design bu yourself, we could do any card what you want. OEM and ODM is ok.

The custom gift cards are designed in a standard credit card size. Perfectly fit into your pocket with your credit cards. All ourcustom gift cards are designed to work with most POS systems. custom gift cards are proven to instantly increase your sales. Custom gift cards attract new clients’ eyes but also could track your member status. Custom gift cards could promote integral gift exchange and other customer management functions.

Custom gift cards with your branding
Magnetic stripe for membership information
Vividly color printed

The features of the common video card
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The features of the common video card

1), even if can print directly each customer consumption records, convenient cardholders view at any time

2), can be repeated erasure and then print info information (text, pictures), visual information can be keep for a long time

4), can choose different colors of printing materials, set different size print range

5) and personalized visual information, taste and fashion

6), can effectively protect the interests of the consumers and promote businesses to enhance consciousness of credibility

7), advertising effect, arouse their customer spending consumer interest

The classification of the common video card
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The classification of the common video card

Video Cards, also known as visual copy card, it is in the standard of overlying a layer of magnetic card or a smart card can print visual repeatedly copying material, adopt the international most advanced thermal can rewrite technology, also known as visual film namely thermal film. So every time when customers check out a card can print out the consumption records and promotional information on the info, when the next consumption can also to have been erased by the content of the print and print again, not only the cardholder can be convenient to see their consumption records, stores Also can update promotional information, thus promote the two-way interaction.
A common classification video card
Video card according to the material can be divided into: common printed visual video cards, IC cards, magnetic stripe metal visual video card, video card, ID card.
Video card according to the industry can be divided into: the hotel video cards, food video cards, travel video cards, medical video card, hairdressing video cards, clothing video card, video card several net cafe.
Video card according to the level can be divided into: VIP video card, gold card members, silver card members, several common visual card.

Magnetic stripe cards used issue
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Magnetic stripe cards used issue

Magnetic stripe cards is the use of magnetic media recording some information that identifies identity cards or other purposes. Magnetic stripe card is easy to use, cheap, uses extremely broad, and can be used to make credit cards, bank cards, subway cards, bus cards, tickets, phone cards, game cards, tickets, air tickets and a variety of fare cards. Magnetic stripe cards used by many external magnetic field interference factors:

1,Contacts with address books, notebooks with magnetic seal.

2,Phone case on the magnetic clasp, magnetic objects such as car keys.

3,With mobile phones and other electromagnetic radiation-producing equipment are put together for a long time.

4,With television sets, tape recorders and other appliances too close with strong magnetic fields.

5,When used in supermarkets, and degaussing equipment for supermarket burglar too close contact.

6,A magnetic stripe card when put together, two card’s magnetic strip touch each other.

These factors will bring disturbance to the magnetic stripe card. In addition, magnetic stripe card, folded, bump, long time exposure, temperature, magnetic stripe to scratch the soiled also makes magnetic stripe cards cannot be used normally. Meanwhile, credit card transactions on the credit card process, head cleaning, aging, interrupted during data transfers, system error, the cashier may result in improper operation magnetic stripe cards cannot be used.

Chuangxinjia card
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What kind of card Chuangxiajia could offer you?

Chuangxinjia is a professional card factory, we have professional designers, and sales team. And we believe we could offer you our best service.

We are able to offer the following:

  • Plastic Business/Name Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Membership/VIP Cards
  • Reward Cards
  • Gift cards
  • Discount cards
  • Employee/Photo/Portrait ID Cards
  • Phone/Calling Cards
  • Calendar Cards
  • Plastic Key Tags
  • Plastic Key Cards
  • Plastic PVC Luggage Tags
  • PVC Door hangers
  • PVC Plastic Rulers
  • Other plastic card products

More information welcome to our website:http://www.cxjcardfactory.com/

Any question, Please contact us directly any time.

Best regards.

magnetic stripe card production technology
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Knowledge of magnetic stripe card production technology

We use a magnetic stripe card is a relatively wide range of cards, magnetic stripe cards from high-strength, high-temperature plastic or plastic coated paper, to moisture, abrasion and a certain flexibility, easy to carry, use more stable and reliable. Magnetic stripe card side is printed with instructions prompted information, such as card direction; the other side there magnetosphere, or magnetic stripe, with 2-3 tracks to record information data.

Because of reasonable price and easy to use, in our country has been a rapid development. In the early bank of credit will be able to launch the first magnetic stripe card, it has released about a few million.

With a magnetic stripe card recognition technology to simplify data entry application, first from the financial industry, the bank deposits of cash in computerized business management soon after the emergence of debit card, ATM’s emergence as the user has been widely used. Especially in the European and American countries, with most cards are magnetic stripe cards.

Magnetic stripe card technology can store large amounts of information in a small area. A separate magnetic stripe cards can store a few details. Unlike other methods of information storage, information on the magnetic stripe card can be rewritten or changed.

With the development of new magnetic stripe card technology, poor safety performance of magnetic stripe cards have gradually been replaced by the trend, under current conditions, there are still a large number of magnetic stripe card production facilities in the community, together with the magnetic stripe card production mature technology and low cost, magnetic stripe card production technology is still applied in many fields.

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