colorful custom printed pvc cards
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The thickness craft of PVC card process


The production of custom printed PVC cards are not only important for various processes, but also its thickness cannot be ignored. The international standard of bank card is 0.76mm. The thickness commonly used by customers include: 0.15mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.84mm, 0.9mm, etc.

PVC card, just as the name implies, is made of PVC materials. The characteristics of PVC materials are: lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction, etc.

Common custom printed PVC cards are of 0.76mm thickness, which can be reflected on the card surface no matter what craft you use, such as convex code, spray code, marking code, bronzing gold, silver stamping, labeling, magnetic strip, bar code, laser mark and other personalized craft.

Of course, there will also be thinner than this to make membership card, VIP card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card,ect. But if the thickness is less than 0.5mm (including 0.5mm), some of its craft will not be adopted.

For example, the convex codes cannot be realized on these thicknesses, because the convex codes press numbers on the cards with high impact pressure. If these thicknesses are punched with convex codes, the problem of cracking will be caused.

Therefore, if the custom printed PVC cards are made with a thin process, it cannot be convex. Of course, if the card is too thick, for example, 0.9mm or above, the convex code craft also cannot be adopted.

Other crafts can generally be achieved in any thickness, so when making PVC cards, special attention should be paid to the thickness of cards, and appropriate thickness should be selected according to the functions of the products you want to achieve.

If there is no special customization requirement, CXJ Card Factory adopts the default international standard thickness: 0.76mm thickness to produce your product. custom pvc cards, white pvc cards, cr80 pvc cards, loyalty punch cards, plastic punch cards are allowed at

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What is the ISO standard about magcard?

Magnetic card is the use of magnetic carrier record with digital and English information, is used to identify the identity and purposes of the card. So, what kind of ISO standard of the magcard?
1. ISO 7810:7810 identification card physical properties
Rules on the card’s physical characteristics, including the material, structure, size card.
Magnetic card
The size of the card : width 85.72 mm – 85.72 mm
Height 54.03 mm – 54.03 mm
Thickness0.76 + / – 0.08 mm
Card corners radius of 3.18 mm
Tell commonly card size is: 85.5 X 0.76 X 54
2. ISO 7811-85 took identification card recording technique Part 1: embossed
Specifies requirements for an embossed on the card character (character set spacing and the height of the characters, fonts, characters).
3.The ISO 7811-85 identification card: in the recording Part 2: magnetic stripe
The characteristics of the magnetic strip on the card, coding technology and coded character set.
4. ISO 7811-85 and identification card recording technique Part 3: ID – type 1 card on the position of the embossed characters
5. The ISO 7811-85 and identification card recording technique Part 4: read-only track 1, 2 track position
6. The ISO 7811 – from 85 identification CARDS recording technique Part 5: reading and writing the track 3 track position

access card
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Access can not help, where is the problem?

Now, many urban communities are equipped with electronic access control systems, access cards are considered safe protection card. But the reporter found copy a access cards on the market now is very simple, one minute cloning is completed. Not only is access cards, residential parking cards also can be copied, then access cards who live in the end ban?

Copy access cards has become so simple, may be two reasons, one is because the access control technology content is low, it is easy to be copied, and the other is due to rapid technological advances that can quickly crack the access control technology.

Accurate, whether it is because of the low content access technology, or because technology is developing too fast, access becomes easy to be copied, in itself is not a problem, after all, it can be replicated in order to facilitate access of households, first, the the law is not forbidden, furthermore that it caters to the society itself is consumer demand.

This is one of the key issues is that if you become too casual copying access, at the same time bring convenience to the tenants, but also bring the risk of unpredictable, that is a threat to public safety.

Since it is a public safety issue involved, it must be from the perspective of public governance to treat access replication problem. Specifically, should the institutional level of the relevant aspects of the Code of Conduct.

Respect for the property, in addition to good management of the access card, but also should be provided access to copy as convenient as possible. In other words, provide tenants with access to copy services, property management should be a legal obligation, which from the outlet end access control, access control to prevent the risk of outflow.

For access control manufacturers, improve the technological content of public access should be to avoid the risk of a major force behind, and that in addition to the technical upgrading, in particular, need to innovate in the product specification, Forced manufacturers improve access technical content.

IC card reader
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What is the IC card reader?

IC card reader has a lot large storage capacity, good security, small, easy to carry, etc., IC card reader can be widely used in finance, transport, taxation, social security, business administration, health care, telecommunications, tourism, catering , in areas such as public utilities and security. IC card reader using high quality surface mount technology. Rich upper layer interface functions and interface, it can be easily applied to a variety of IC card reader-based system integration.

IC card reader is composed of MCU, keyboard, display and monitoring circuit. Put the IC card reader chip on a card, the card into the IC card reader in the deck, IC card reader can read and write it, achieve encryption, inquiries, deposits, withdrawals and other functions.

IC card reader is a non-contact IC card reader equipment, IC card reader connect with the PC via the USB interface, 5V single power supply or from the keyboard, which supports RF card access full functionality. The IC card reader device used in access control, time and attendance, meeting attendance, highways, tourism, parking, bus fees, shopping malls consumption, membership system and various application systems issuing system.

IC card reader have a strong demand in the current market, wild application areas, in support of market and technology, IC card reader market is worth developing. I believe that with the rapid development of IC card reader technology , IC card reader will be applied in more fields.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Cards

Whether you are a security at an event or a bar, your job is to check every person’s identification because you are required by law to verify the age of the person.  Generally, credit cards are used to execute deceitful activities such as to withdraw funds from your account without your authorization, procure goods in your name, and to get hold of bank loans and open another credit card account, therefore leaving all debts and credits for you to clear. Credit card identity theft is simply a category of identity theft, for which your credit card is used as a means for illicit purposes. Lost or stolen wallets and purses is perhaps the most common way through which credit card identity theft could occur.

Credit card identity theft or credit card fraud has now come to be one of the serious problems confronted by the US Law agencies. As per the studies revealed by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft is obtained via stolen wallets. A legitimate credit card company never gives you a phone call out of the blue to request for your credit card information. Here starts the plight of poor credit card holders, while thieves use it cloned information for unscrupulous purposes. Besides these, thieves also count on conventional options to retrieve your credit card information.

So if you get a phone call requesting for your social security card number and credit card number and expiry date, be careful as it may be the first step adopted by thieves to retrieve your sensitive information. Raiding your mailbox by criminals is another common way through which your credit card information could be stolen. In some example, thieves even search trash to gain your credit card and other vital information. Via online, as scammers use high tech viruses as well as Trojans to track and record your critical information many people become victims of credit card identity theft.

Subsequently, to decrease the chances of credit card identity theft being careful is one of the best ways. Different types of identity theft involve: Credit Card Identity Theft; Social Security Card Identity Theft; Driver’s License Identity Theft; Medical Identity Theft; Criminal Identity Theft and Online Identity Theft. According to the studies reveled by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft occurring in the nation is obtained via stolen wallets.

It is because thieves primarily use your information such as credit card and social security card number to withdraw more cash, thereby leaving debt on your name. In most cases, you may not be attentive that you have become a prey of identity theft at first, and you may come to know only when credit card companies, creditors, or collection agencies notify that you have not cleared your debts.

In Chuang Xin Jia, we study a RFID credit card sleeve can provent card information from other people read it.