bad tempered people
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Bad-tempered People are Actually Selfish.

People are always easily influenced by their environment, but no one is born with a bad temper. Most of the so-called bad temper are an acquired habit. Those who lose their temper easily, namely those with a bad temper, never care about the feelings of others and are essentially selfish.

bad-tempered people

bad-tempered peopleThere is no denying that everyone has problems and everyone is in a bad mood.

Sometimes, due to the stress in our life, we may be in a bad mood, full of negative energy, and become agitated because of something wrong.

At this time, some people may release their pressure and dissatisfaction in their own way without affecting others. Although other people don’t, they release their stress by losing their temper, and this behavior can affect others.

We tend to lose our temper with the people, we love the most, and we don’t even treat them like strangers.

In many cases, we take it for granted that our family and friends will always love us and get used to our ways, so we get angry easily and never think about the harm we have done to them.

At the same time, enjoy the love from family, constantly flying over their handle, so aren’t you selfish?

At this point, we should reflect on ourselves: control your temper, don’t be so selfish.

In fact, the more people there are, the better they will be, because they can find that being grumpy won’t solve any problems.

The only way to solve a problem is to face it and solve it calmly.

Imagine how many times we have lost the opportunity to love and hurt others in our lives, thus wasting a lot of time. Once we lose our temper, we find it difficult to get along well with others in a short time, and we can’t work properly, so it really doesn’t help.

So don’t take it for granted that being grumpy isn’t a big problem.Your temper says a lot about who you are.

The so-called bad temper is actually selfish and powerless.So stop being a grumpy person.

In fact, we have a doomed affinity, which represents a kind of mind communication and a feeling based on mutual love; a heart full of feelings and tolerance for mistakes.

Everyone cherishes self-esteem, but there are different worries and difficulties, thoughts, ways of doing things and ways of living. You don’t have to change people, you have to be yourself.

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Do you regret for staying in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong?

Another year of graduation season is approaching, where to start a new life becomes a tangle of problem for the graduating students. The non-local fresh graduate choose to live and work in Shanghai, which practical test and harvest will they encounter?




The following is the recently published little review in Global Times (Metro Shanghai), please read on.

After finishing master’s degree in 2015, I choose to start my first job of my life in Shanghai. Although I have heard much about the hardship for the drifters in Shanghai, I more truly experience the hardship after I experienced personally. The first challenge is to find a stable place to live, as a small 30-square-meter apartment near the city center often exceeds 4,500 yuan ($651.48) per month. Even if you only rent a bedroom in a shared flat, you’re still paying around 2,500 yuan per month.

Official figures show that the average monthly income of Shanghai graduates was only 4,990 yuan in 2016, rent alone consumes half of our salary. Worse still, many local landlords and real estate agents tend to artificially inflate their prices by 10 to 20 percent year-on-year, forcing many tenants to move out every couple years, as their salary cannot keep up with the rising costs.

It is also frustrating to compare your living quality in Shanghai with that of your peers in smaller cities. For example, some of my old classmates back in my hometown have already bought their own apartment, cars and even travel abroad on holidays.

Do such “first-world problems” mean that it is stupid decision for non-local graduates to stay in Shanghai? Not necessarily, the city offers a wealth of career opportunities. My new job as a reporter for the Global Times Metro Shanghai has given me so much exposure to things that I would never be aware of in a second-tier city.

I also found that one of the biggest differences between Chinese and foreign graduates is that the latter are more willing to relocate to new countries and cities to broaden their visions. While the average Chinese graduates prioritize finding a well-paid job, buying a house and getting married before turning 30, foreigners seem to think that enriching their experiences is something that should come first before settling down.

Chinese youngsters tend to trap themselves in our country’s myriad of social expectations (earning a living and having a perfect family) rather than spend early adulthood exploring the world, usually just to please their parents. In consequence, their future possibilities become limited, relegating them to a comfortable but boring life of work.

Working in a metropolis like Shanghai does have advantages in terms of cultivating one’s international vision. While foreign faces are still rare in Chinese lower-tier towns, the expat community in Shanghai is immense and quite diverse. Such an environment provides us with a number of opportunities to participate in multicultural events, make foreign friends (and even spouses), improve our English proficiency and deepen our understanding of other cultures.

Such interactions can make any Chinese individual a more well-rounded person entering the globalized world. Though Shanghai is competitive and extremely expensive, it still provides a relatively fair marketplace where everyone has the opportunity to ascend the corporate ladder. I have seen many non-locals promoted to important positions in their companies because of their excellent abilities and experience.

By comparison, many of my peers in smaller cities have told me that guanxi (special connections) or family background remain the principal rules in local workplaces. For example, my high school classmate said that though her education, skills and personality are no less than her colleagues in the government bureau she works at, opportunities for advancement typically only go to those with the best guanxi.

There will always be pros and cons no matter where you live. But if non-local graduates in Shanghai are truly interested in immersing themselves in a global marketplace, Shanghai is the best place to start. The difficulties and challenges and competition you will face right out the gate here will ultimately toughen you up, humble you, make you a more independent person and force you to work harder. After that, nothing can stop you!

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Chinese Green Card
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Chinese Green Card: Changing VIP Card to Traffic Permit

Stephon Marbury was shooting, he was one of the 1576 foreigners who got permanent residence status in China(Chinese Green Card) in 2014.

Chinese Green Card

Chinese Green Card

The figure source: The New York times Chinese website

Foreigner Permanent Residence Certificate, commonly called Chinese Green Card, known as the green card that is most difficult to get in the world. According to the data, China announced that there were only 7300 foreigners approved to get Foreigner Permanent Residence Certificate from 2004 to 2014. Although China has absorbed part of excellent overseas immigrants, these immigrants were mainly a small number of high-level talented person. Some scholars think that China may consider extending the scope of granting Chinese green card to attract more different levels of talents, and fill Chinese job vacancies in various fields.


It is reported by New York Times newspaper that the total number of foreigners who got Chinese Green Card reached up to 1576, a 163 percent increase from the previous year, which reflects the promotion of Chines talents introduction.


More than a thousand Chinese green cards issued one year is far from enough relative to the demand for Chinese huge population base and urgent top talent introduction. Some foreigners who have lived in China for many years and have made great contribution have to use work vise all the time, some even have to leave China after the expiration of work visa because they can’t get Chinese green card.


Some observers note that the sheer grant number of Chinese green card is very limited, and the majority of Chinese green cards are occupied by ethnic Chinese, celebrities and top notch, although it has met the needs of part of talent introduction since it was established in 2004, it remains far wider than the original intention of setting Chinese green card — attracting foreign outstanding person, serving for national development.


One key reason is that the setting rule of Chinese green card is different from that of foreign green card.


The annual issuance of permanent resident status in America and Canada is very high: the total number of immigrants of America reached one million people in 2015, and the total immigration quotas of Canada reached up to 0.3 million in 2016, even up to 0.33 million in 2017. Those green cards were all issued based on the guideline — total quantity control, categorization, and will adjust the rule according to the change of situation, people who meet the standards may apply for permanent resident status, and it will be issued after strict assessment program, the cardholders may enjoy quasi-national treatment in working, residence, the education of their children and some other aspects with green card and work card, however, whether they could find a suitable job, how much they are paid? How is the position? These are completely market conduct.


While Chinese green card is exactly reversed: it is not issued to people who apply to enter China, but to foreigners who have worked in China for many years and hold the high position, although the three criteria–living for enough time, senior executives, wage standards have been modified for 8 years, the big principle has never been changed.


If consider a simple analogy for Chines and foreign green card, then foreign green card is traffic permit, you can enter a country in a quasi-national identity only after getting the green card; while Chinese green card is a VIP card, which is an award with some VIP privileges issued to foreigners who have achieved success and won recognition, VIP card is now extremely popular, as it has brought much convenience to our life, and widely used in various markets, its main material is PVC, so sometimes we can also call it PVC card. Here by the way, if you would like to purchase high quality plastic PVC cards, you may take a look at CXJ website, CXJ is specialized in producing and marketing of PVC card and smart card, their products will bring you different wonderful experience.


Chinese green card is supposed to provide convenience for talents introduction, but it is limited by the location of VIP card, due to this limitation, Chinese green cards are got by those successful foreigners in China, these people have been introduced successfully, while people who need it most feel difficult to get the car.


In order to make full use of boost of Chinese green card in attracting foreign excellent talents, It is imperative to use the experience of other countries for reference, based on the needs of domestic talents and gap, set the corresponding major, education background,etc for people who apply for Chines green cards, and ready to adjust it according to requirement change. In addition, categorization is also very necessary.