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Disneyland Smart card solution

Financial IC card first appeared in 1985 in France. Around 1995, IC card get more widespread application in the financial sector, mainly electronic wallet and other small payments at that time, except in a few countries have to partial success, in most parts of the developing condition. Electronic wallets, refers to the commonly used in e-commerce shopping activities a payment tool, suitable for small shopping. Stored in the electronic wallet electronic money, such as electronic cash, electronic change, electronic card, etc.

Here is Hong Kong Disneyland smart card solution, for example:

Fast pass

Provides a quick pass service amusement facilities including a buzz lightyear ride, space mountain and winnie the pooh adventure trip. Fast pass can shorten tourists liner waiting more popular rides. Inside of amusement facilities provide fast pass service, you only need to insert the admission tickets quickly pass ticket printing machine, then remove them quickly pass. Immediately after made rapid visa card, you can continue to enjoy the other facilities and services inside the park, and then returned to indicate the time to enjoy the ride.

Disneyland adopted intelligent ashbin

Intelligent ashbin adopts advanced microcomputer control chip, infrared sensor detection device, mechanical transmission parts, is the collection machine photoelectric in the integration of high-tech new products, when the person’s hands or objects close to the dog-house (at window) about 25 cm – 35 cm, trash can cover will automatically open, stay waste into 3 or 4 seconds after the lid will automatically shut down, people, things do not need to contact with bin, completely solve the traditional trash to the infection of health risk to the user, can effectively prevent various infectious disease spread through the garbage and prevent garbage smell overflow from the barrel.

“Trash”, as an essential part of human life’s necessities, it accompanied human beings through every time. Especially in today’s home supplies, hotel supplies market is essential. With the general improvement in people environmental protection consciousness and aesthetic standard, the amount and type of trash can constantly renovated and is also increasing, people pay more attention to its beautiful and practical, and products to develop in the direction of “small” and “intelligent”. “WeiBang” intelligent ashbin since listing, as consumers, because of market demand is big, small investment, has been the favour of small and medium-sized investors.

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