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Bank card upgrade – the “magnetic” old-for “core”

The central bank announced that from 2015, the economically developed regions in the new issue of the RMB clearing bank card should chip card, will gradually suspended magnetic stripe cards, but some economically underdeveloped regions still allow the magnetic stripe card issuance, recommended way of natural selection gradually guide commercial banks to carry out the replacement chip card magnetic stripe cards work, it does not affect the use of magnetic stripe cards.
So, the question is coming! Why should the “magnetic” old-for “core”? Such a change would handle financial operations which impact? Chip card and magnetic stripe card in the end what is the difference? Where good sound chip card it?
Chip bank card that is the financial IC card, which is based on the chip as a positive bank card media, the card has a chip that supports flash pay function. The magnetic stripe card is to use a magnetic carrier recording English and digital information used to identify the identity card or other purposes. By definition can be seen, the two different vectors, one is the use of the chip, is the use of a magnetic strip. Of course, the chip card is divided into pure chip card and magnetic stripe chip composite cards, magnetic stripe chip card more complex than magnetic stripe cards with a chip.

new bank card
1) Safety factor different
Large-capacity chip card (storage capacity is 160 times the magnetic stripe cards) can store keys, digital certificates, fingerprints and other information, there is a card reader protect data encryption protection, and take on the use of personal password protection, card mutual authentication with the reader, to prevent card data from being copied, with a higher level of security. Magnetic stripe cards will be used by criminals write magnetic devices Weika of fraudulent lower safety factor.
2) different works
Chip card more chips than magnetic stripe cards, the magnetic stripe payment in addition to the brush, but also to verify the chip. ,
3) Different Copy difficulty
Magnetic strip can be easily replicated, but the chip you want to copy is not so easy, because the information is dynamic chip card, the chip is like a small computer, and different every time check value, less likely to be copied .
4) Cost different
In general, the magnetic stripe card fee is $ 5, the chip card fee is 20 to 40 yuan. China has not yet found a chip card is copied to fraudulent cases. Therefore, from the perspective of security in terms of, for chip card is the trend, the need for early replacement of permit holders.
5)Application scenarios
Magnetic stripe cards are currently only used for credit card payment, the chip card is applicable to social security, public transportation, and other industries contactless applications.

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